It’s been such a great weekend! Airika and I took the day off on Saturday to enjoy the beautiful weather we had here in Seattle. It’s such a rare treat to get sunshine this time of year, so we had to take advantage! There’s really no better way for me to refresh than to spend some quality time in the great outdoors with my beautiful wife. We ended up going out to the Arboretum to rent a canoe for a while, so that Airika could watch me paddle.

Once she had been thoroughly impressed, we hit up a great happy hour at the East Lake Bar & Grill before heading home to catch up on our favorite shows.  And as if our day couldn’t get any better, we came home to find our Seattle Sounders Season Tickets and scarves in the mail! Woot! We can’t wait for the season to kick off this week! Will you be there???


We love you guys so much – why the heck can’t we live closer! 🙂 You are the bomb 🙂

Have I mentioned to you two recently how very much I like you? Well, I do, and I thought you should know. See you soon!

Season tickets!!! Sweeeet! Have fun 🙂

That’s awesome, Holly! We are sitting in the newly-opened 3rd level balcony. So, if you can see all the way up there, we will be there!

I like to captain our rowboats too! And go Sounders! Hopefully we’ll see you guys Thursday. I have my own official ticket and scarf this year.


Jenny loves watching me paddle, lol!

btw, if either of you can’t make it to a game for any reason, you know who to call 🙂

Ha, you guys are great. I love getting a little sneak peek into your own life! Although, Airika, you might want to watch out when you let Gerald do the paddling… it looks like hemight’ve been trying to steer you into a whole bunch of reeds…

Also, the last shot? Not sure what’s more entertaining… the faux-hawk or how you can tell Gerald is TOTALLY into the moment of it all (I can hear his whelp of joy). Nice job, Airika 🙂

Gerald. Gerald. Gerald. *shakes head*

As much as I love you guys, you’re soccer fans!? :O

Glenn’s response to last photo (with as much aussie enthusiasm as he could muster at 10:05pm) “Nice!”