Our time here in Vellore, India has been an incredible experience. The streets and markets are always bustling and full of activity, the air is constantly filled with the sounds of honking horns, and there is no shortage of cows roaming the town scavenging for their next meal. The people are incredibly warm and friendly–every time we walk through the local neighborhood people excitedly greet us and invite us into their homes for tea.

This was just one of those moments when I happened to be in the right place at the right time, ready to shoot. These boys were running down the street towards me, chasing down their kite which had broken free of the string…

This is what they called a “mall.” The aromas coming from this dark alley were absolutely intoxicating. There were rows and rows of flower vendors, fruit stands, and fresh spices, interspersed with other goods such as jewelry, fabrics, and trinkets. 
This image really struck me, mostly because this man’s expression was so out of place. Just as I snapped this photo, there was a lot of yelling and commotion coming from behind me, and I turned just in time to dodge the bull trotting up the narrow pathway.
More to come soon! 

its very nice photos (acc) iam from same place ware u take this photos vellore india thanks

Ausmerican Housewife

What a cheeky monkey!

It's wonderful to see these photos. I see and I learn and I wonder. Great work!

Wow, guys, these are really beautiful. I love them all. The colors, the composition, the stories… they're just intriguing… especially the last one 😉

Can't wait to see more!