It’s been a long time since I went out of my way to photograph the Seattle Skyline, but that’s exactly what Airika and I did one night last week. Amazon’s current headquarters boast a unique perspective on the city from the south, so when Becky & Ryan (one of our past couples, married on Catalina Island in 2008) invited us to come down and check it out before Amazon moves their offices to South Lake Union next week, we seized the opportunity.

Anything that takes me out of my comfort zone and makes me stop and think through a photographic problem goes a long way toward keeping me fresh and excited about what I do. One thing I really love about this type of shot in particular is the time involved in capturing it. I spent about an hour shooting from this location, and had less than 25 frames to show for it. That’s about  1/10th the average number of images I would shoot in an hour at a wedding, and I have to admit, it’s kind of luxurious to have the time to think through each shot!

For this shot I used a tripod, a remote trigger, a Canon 5D MKII, and a Canon 17-40mm lens. The camera was set to ISO 100, F/9, and a 25 second exposure.  I timed this shoot after sunset so that I could get a good balance between the street lights, the buildings, and the sky. It was a fun little exercise, and I certainly hope to make time to shoot for myself more often.

Next up is Katlyne and Erik’s Wedding, so stay tuned!


Okay, so I like a lot of things about this image including the great color and framing. But the wow factor for me was simply the beautiful reflection on the southwest side of the columbia tower (it has a new name doesn’t it?). I think that is just awesome! Well done.

These are great photos (not that you had bad subjects to work with, though 😉 I like the adventuresome pics, like the barn, the railroad track, and I adore the one of the wedding dress hanging with all the shadows.

Super fabulous pics for a beyond super fabulous couple 🙂

Don’t know what to say….maybe, “Holy cow”

Hey guys great seeing you last night!

Waiting for those band pics. Gosh love your new site. Makes me want to get married! 🙂 And have a destination wedding (which I want anyway).

Keep in touch.


That is ai sick shot!!!! WOW. Can I say also I love your new branding ALOT!!!

This is so FREAKING cool. And thank you for taking the time to explain the process. I am not a photographer and do not understand what happens to create the pictures you produce, therefore it’s nice to hear/read the art behind it. And wow! The picture. I love it!

This is ridiculous. And by ridiculous, I mean I want a print to hang! Really nice work!