We feel so lucky to have been able to photograph a wedding for a couple like Jaclyn & Lance. We first met these two shortly before they got engaged, when Lance was checking out our church as he contemplated becoming the new junior high pastor. Much to the delight of youth and volunteers alike he accepted, and brought his lovely bride-to-be Jaclyn along. We absolutely love these two, and so does everyone at Timberlake Church! They are passionate about serving and helping others, not only through Lance’s work with the youth and Jaclyn’s pursuit of a MA in Counseling, but also as a natural result of their enthusiasm for life and love for the Lord.

Jaclyn & Lance were married at Puyallup Foursquare Church, and with the help of their amazing friends and family, they brought in trees decorated with strings of lights and hanging lanterns in order to recreate the scene of their proposal. Then the reception hall was completely transformed using DIY draping & canopies, a cute Mr. & Mrs. sign, cake pops, candles, more lights, more lanterns and umbrellas for the tables. Everything was beautifully personalized, and we had fun capturing every single detail!

Jaclyn, you were SUCH a stunning bride, and Lance- your awe for your bride was so adorable. We loved every moment we spent with you–from your first look (Best first look reaction EVER!) to chilly portraits at the park, from your Christ-centered ceremony to your cake smashing and crazy dancing at the reception, to the meaningful visit you had with your Nana at the hospital–your day was full of everything that a wedding AND a marriage should be and we feel so fortunate to have shared in it with you.

Friends & family, more photos can be seen in Jaclyn & Lance’s wedding slideshow, and you can click here to preregister to see all of their photos when they’re ready!

Photography: The Popes | Wedding Gown: New Beginnings Bridal Salon | Hair Stylist: Teze Salon | Makeup Artist: Danielle Kartes | Event Design: Michelle Menrath | Feather Clips & Boutonierres: DIY

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Gorgeous wedding! (Ikea lanterns! :D) How did Nana react seeing the lovely couple?

Such a special collection of photos!!

Great set! Love the expressions, especially the cake-on-face shot.