If you’ve never seen a rainbow at sunset before, it is truly spectacular. Just over an hour ago, Redmond was treated to an amazing Red Rainbow, and we just couldn’t help but share a couple of the photos we took from the back porch of our condo.

We have an amazing Creator.


This is TOO cool. We have an amazing Creator indeed. 🙂

Love the weather in Seattle! (Cause we have it, weather that is) Very nice!

Wow! I’ve never seen a sunset rainbow before! That’s awesome!

Wow.. the colors are so unusual it looks CGI but the pictures are too amazing to be so…

A promise from heaven! Thank you for sharing.

That’s not just a rainbow, you know, that’s a double rainbow. And it’s beautiful. And it makes me miss the Pacific Northwest so much. Really amazing!

amazing! that first shot looks like a lens flare on a 2000 ft diameter lens! 🙂

Amen to that! An amazing Creator is right. What a beautiful site to see 🙂