So we fell off the blogging bandwagon somewhere around the beginning of my second trimester of pregnancy, and haven’t really made a recovery since. We had always heard that life got crazy once you had a baby, but no one ever told us that getting ready for a baby could be equally overwhelming! We’ve been trying to get back to blogging ever since mid-October to no avail, but now that Little Pope only 5-6 weeks away from making an appearance, I decided it was time to buckle down and make things happen. 🙂

It seemed appropriate to begin by sharing our gender reveal video with you that we posted on Facebook back in November. If you’re friends with us there, then you’ve already seen this, but if not, we hope you enjoy sharing in this moment with us!

As I work to get caught up, I’ll be scheduling some blog post from weddings, engagements, and lifestyle family portraits going back as far as last spring. Hopefully they will keep you entertained now and all the way through our maternity leave! Stay tuned next for a few of our favorites from Ali & Travis’ engagement session…


This is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing your sweet moment with us! ;0)