We had been looking forward to Steve & Mindy’s wedding weekend for months. Their wedding weekend was set to kick off with a rehearsal dinner in their brand new Seattle house, and since we knew that they were fellow lovers of modern architecture and design, we were pretty sure that it was going to be a spectacular place. This would be the first time most of their family and friends had seen their house, so they asked us to come early and take some photos for them to share with those who couldn’t make it. We were more than happy to do so, and as you can see, it’s absolutely stunning and (in our humble opinion) is worthy of its own feature in Dwell.

On the wedding day itself, their home served as the perfect backdrop for Mindy to get ready in – Mindy’s gorgeous dark hair and elegant gown were a beautiful contrast to the simplicity and clean lines of their home. She and her girls had a relaxing morning getting ready before heading over to Pravda so she could see Steve for the first time. On the car ride over, I could tell that she was getting nervous, but all of her jitters seemed to melt away the moment she laid eyes on Steve.

One of the things we loved most about Mindy and Steve was how laid back they are – they put a lot of time and effort into planning their wedding, but once their day arrived, they were able just to sit back, enjoy their wine, and relish in the moments with their family and friends. Part of this is the beauty of working with an amazing wedding coordinator like Lisa Chambers who not only helped bring Mindy’s vision for a modern white and purple wedding to life, but she made sure everything went according to plan on the day of.  It was a truly perfect weekend, and we loved capturing every single minute of it for Mindy & Steve.


I love the lines…so perfect! Favorite color? Purple. Beautiful photos, Popes!

LOVE this wedding! It’s beautiful. And what an ending shot. Love the red 🙂

I am in love with this wedding — and that HOUSE! Amazing photos, Popes… I love them all!

LOVE these photos!! You guys captured the day perfectly!!