When we first met “the Kims” (whose first names are both Kim) at the Seattle Wedding Show last January, we knew that working with them was going to be a blast. They were already legally married and simply wanted to get some amazing wedding portraits all over Seattle, then throw a 1st anniversary reception for all of their closest friends at Hotel 1000. What made things even more exciting, was that they wanted to do all of their portraits several weeks before their actual reception date so that we could shoot on a non-crowded weekday, at the best time of day, and shoot in all of the places (UW, Gasworks Park, Pike Place and the Seattle waterfront) that had special meaning to them without feeling rushed.

Let me tell you – this is a brilliant idea and one that we hope more of our couples will consider! These days, wedding portraits are typically done prior to the ceremony so that couples can fully partipate in their cocktail hour and reception, which means¬† that we are normally shooting portraits at high noon when the sun is high and bright in the sky. And, if you want to shoot in any sort of public place, especially in a city like Seattle, you are fighting tourists, game day crowds, local sun bathers, and more. By eliminating all of these obstacles, Kim and Kim ensured that their wedding portraits would be nothing less than spectacular. Take a look, and then let us know if you’d like to do the same. LOL.

Anyway, back to these two – they are avid Husky fans, have a great sense of humor, are insanely smart, and complement each other amazingly well. Not only that, they are loyal friends and furiously loved by every single person who joined them at their small wedding reception. It was a true honor to capture their portraits and wedding celebration, and we hope you enjoy this sneak peek into our time together!