Putting up with bad weather is simply part of being a photographer in the Northwest. Whenever possible, we try not to reschedule things, and there are a few reasons for that. First of all, the weather will often change for the better at the last minute and create incredible lighting and dramatic skies. Of course, it could just stay gross and rainy out (which could really be a great opportunity for a fun spontaneous session on a quintessentially Seattle type of day), but canceling a session for weather pretty much guarantees that all of the future days will be worse weather, so usually, the best plan is to press forward.

And press forward is exactly what we did on the day of Laurel and Derek’s engagement session when the skies were not putting their best foot forward. On top of that, Airika was not feeling 100%, but we weren’t about to let that OR the weather stop us! Laurel had driven down from Everett, and Derek had come all the way from Bellingham, so we decided that it was time to brave the storm and make magic happen. We started off by the waterfront in Carillon Point, and we love how Laurel and Derek pop off the backgrounds as a result of the grey skies. Then we found an abandoned garage, and took the opportunity to do a little of work with our off-camera flash. This is one of the ways that we can add light and dimension in an otherwise dimly lit area. The garage photos happen to be some of our  favorite from the session, and Derek and Laurel even decided to turn one of them (see the image with the arrows below) into a large canvas for their home! We finished up their session in downtown Kirkland and were completely blown away by the stunning sunset we experienced. Even though we all decided it looks a little surreal, we HAD to put the photos in here just so you can see how amazing it was for yourself.

Laurel and Derek, we had a GREAT time working with you and we are so happy that you love your photos. We cannot wait to see you again at your wedding in exactly one month. Bellingham, here we come! 🙂



Love it! Beautiful work as always, you guys. 🙂

Super design and style!!