When “the Kims” first told us they were expecting a baby, we were over the moon excited for them! They are such a fun, kind couple that we knew they were going to make excellent parents. In jest, we suggested that could name their baby “Kim.” Apparently a lot of their friends had this idea as well, so imagine our surprise when they did, in fact, name their daughter Kimberly! So now they are Kim, Kim and Kimberly. It’s hilarious and awesome all at the same time, and makes us love them even more!

We got to photograph baby Kimberly when she was just a week old, and she was so precious. As a bonus, Kim & Kim had just moved into a new home, so there were tons of empty rooms and negative space as well as lots of natural light to work with. It was seriously like they bought a studio for us to shoot their session! It was pretty awesome to have such a nice blank canvas in which to work. Congrats Kims!

infants feet dangling from a blanket baby lying on a changing table swaddled baby sleeping in her crib dad singing the baby to sleep mother soothing babyparents with their newborn baby infant on a purple blanket newborn girl with a bow in her hair newborn infant laying in a basket newborn infant meeting the family dog