One of our favorites parts of our entire trip to India was our time in the Kerala Backwaters. The constant mass of people, and the hustle and bustle of the streets of India can be overwhelming at times, and the few nights we spent on a houseboat touring the backwaters was a breath of fresh air! It was serene and beautiful, and there was always something interesting and unexpected waiting for us around every corner.

I was especially struck by the strange assortment of boats used by people living in the backwaters. One in particular that caught our eye was this duck herder. He’s actually riding in two boats, one for each foot, chasing hundreds of ducks down the river. It was an odd sight, and I can’t imagine where he was going, or what he planned to do with all those ducks when he got there.  In any case, it was very cool to watch him gracefully stroll down this river, going about his business–unlike this guy.


This is the only guy we saw doing this. It stands out as one of my most memorable sights in India. I mean, how often do you see someone herding wild ducks down a river?

Look at all those ducks!! And I though we had quite the crew on our pond!! 🙂

This is crazy! It almost looks like something out of Planet Earth. Did you see any other people doing this?? Your posts definitely make me want to jump on a plane to India! You guys are so good at telling the story…