You may remember Kaliko & Omid, whose gorgeous New Year’s Eve wedding won our hearts and caught the attention of Seattle Bride. We had a wonderful time working with them, and had been looking forward to their fashion aftershoot for many months.

Aftershoots allow us the opportunity to explore places that we may not otherwise be able to photograph on the wedding day, and as we planned for Kaliko and Omid’s session, we agreed that the architecture at their apartment building in Bellevue, WA was worthy of a photoshoot. We began their session there, and after throroughly exploring the lines and light at the Bellevue Towers, we headed over to the Kirkland to capture the sunset on the water. It was a wonderful evening with a lovely couple, and we hope you enjoy their photos!

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awesome photos guys. im seeing your photos all over the place, and they’re all beautiful. keep up the great work 😀

They look so happy! Really like the shadows and reflections!!