Wedding aftershoots are so much fun! The wedding is over and the stress of the wedding day schedule is no more, which means that our couples are able to simply relax and have a fun fashion-inspired photo shoot together.

Hannah & Josh got married over a year ago at a beautiful outdoor wedding venue in Skagit county, so for their aftershoot they wanted to capture some sights in downtown Seattle that they weren’t able to visit on their wedding day. Even on a bitter cold day like we had at their shoot, I can’t think of a better way to spend an afternoon than by getting some quality time with a fun couple who is very much in love…

This driveway (above) and the stairwell (below) near the new Four Seasons downtown was just dying to be in some of our  photographs. I especially love the cable lines and the machinery in the background. Josh isn’t a big fan of heights, but I’m sure he’ll be glad that he braved this stairwell with his beautiful bride.

This is my favorite time of day to shoot with off camera lighting. After the sun has gone down, I can shoot with my flash on it’s lowest setting, while easily getting the glow of the street lights, the dimming sky, and a shallow depth of field.

This was such a fun moment! We had already packed up the car to head home when we saw this steam coming out of the manhole, backlit by the headlights of the oncoming traffic. It was absolutely freezing outside, but Hannah was still excited to get out for one more shot!


[…] Plus, without rain you won’t be able to get amazing photos like this one. Copyright The Popes […]

Love the last one w/ the steam from the manhole, it adds to her dress–beautiful!

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Hot damn you guys!!!! I LOVE THOSE WATER SHOTS!!! Way cool. Your work is KILL!!! LOVE IT!!

the sunset photo, the puddle reflection- both amazing! But I mostly love the fashion mag photo of just Hannah with some city steam!
PS. Nice new Logo

Wow, these are truly fantastic photos. The one with your faces visible only in the reflection in the puddle is pretty creative.

WOW!!! These are gorgeous – and bring back such lovely and loving memories! Cherrios all over Peju’s lap, Amelie trying to eat Hannah’s bouquet…my favorites are the reflections one, and when the sun is peaking through Josh’s arm. And the last one, with just Hannah and the steaming street, is totally Vogue!! That girl is ridiculously photogenic!

Hannah and Josh look great! Especially love the reflections.

I love so many images from this shoot! Great job! 🙂

Great locations and great shots. Well done.

I am in love with the stairwell shots!

We love them! You guys are absolutely amazing. While we LOVED having our wedding outside, these photos DEFINITELY have a feel that’s very “us” to them. Thank you for working to capture such fantastic moments and letting us relive our wedding once again (even though it was a year and a half later). I think we might have to check in and have “wedding” photos taken every few years, because this was way too much fun not to!

Hannah looks magical in all the photos.

Love the manhole steam shot!

These are just amazingly beautiful! Such variety and creativity – love the stairs. I think everyone should do a fashion after-shoot. The steam? Very cool….