Airika and I met when we were in the eighth grade. I knew I liked Airika from the first time I saw her, although it took about 10 years for Airika to come around. (I suspect that sporting a bowl cut for the majority of those years had something to do with it…) We were kids, and looking back at those days definitely feels like a lifetime ago.

I can only imagine what that must be like for Graydon and Erin–these two lovebirds met when they were only 3 years old! They went to the same preschool, grew up at the same church, went through youth group together, and even shared a duet in a church play together!  In high school, Erin (an aspiring filmaker) thought that it would be pretty cool to recreate one of her favorite films in the woods of Washington. Naturally, Graydon signed on to help, and they ended up working together for two years as they re-filmed Lord of the Rings. After that, they went to college together at Biola University in Southern California, where they now live. Needless to say, they have spent a lot of time together in their lifetime, and they were absolutely thrilled to make it a permanent arrangement.

Their outdoor wedding at Grand Wilow Inn was incredible. The moment Erin started her walk down the aisle, the sun fully emerged to fill the scene. Graydon & Erin couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day to start their new life together.

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Bridal Boutique: Mary Me Bridal (Orange, CA) | Cake Artist: Sweet Cakes Bakery | Wedding Venue & Catering: Grand Willow Inn (Mt. Vernon) | Photography: The Popes | Hair & Makeup: Salon Zuberentz | Videography: Clear Brook Productions | Officiant: John McKeague | DJ: Martin Iverson| Florist: Garden Gate Floral Design | Getaway Car: British Motorcoach


Super pictures, any hints on how to get such good results?

Excellent photos for a very good lookin’ couple. Thanks for memorializing a very important day so beautifully.

Awesome pictures! It was such a fun night and such a great wedding!

Graydon and Erin~ Thanks for letting the Cadriel family share in your special day! Your wedding was gorgeous and we had a wonderful time! These pictures are fantastic!

Love, love, love the pictures! Just gorgeous! What a lovely day it was. Gerald and Airika you’ve done it again…wonderful.

yeah Cresses!!!! 🙂 love you guys!

Amazing photo’s! Great memories!

These pictures are amazing! Great job capturing how beautiful the day was! It felt like I was reliving the day through the pictures! I absolutely love the one of Gray in the background and a close up of Erin (even if she is headless!)

these pictures are beautiful! so happy for you guys, can’t wait to see what God has planned for you two!

Wow! These pictures are gorgeous!! It totally captures all the different emotions at the wedding and gives a little insight of the amazing character and personality of both the handsome groom and the gorgeous bride. These pictures are absolutely breathtaking, fantastic job!!

These photos are absolutely amazing!! I’m so happy for both of you, what a beautiful day!

I’m a fan! Great job on the photos! Can’t wait to see them all!

Great photos, great couple! Congrats!

Looks like a wonderful day!

Love the photos!! I especially love the one of the girls praying over Erin and the one with Graydon holding Erin’s hand when she is walking on the stones. Love ya both!!!

Naturally, I love all of these images, but one of my favorites is the very last image, on the bottom left. Most of the guests had left by this time, and this was one of the final moments we captured before Graydon & Erin headed out to start their new lives together. Like most of our work, it’s practically straight out of the camera (which means that it’s had very little-to no post-processing) and I love the genuine, quiet romance that we were able to capture between the two of them.

oh my goodness these pictures do the perfect job of capturing the feeling and tone of your wedding! they are just delightful! my favorite one is you guys leaving with the rose petals everywhere!

These pictures are so precious. You two look so beautiful, the wedding was such a joyous event. love you both!

I love the pictures! You really captured the moments in a beautiful way. Thank you.

Those photos are amazing, a true keepsake for the future.

Beautiful photos from a beautiful event. So glad we could be there to celebrate your big day. The photos are amazing!!!

Congrats Graydon and Erin. I love you guys so much. Graydon I am so happy for you. Erin I am so happy that you are my sister in law. Love you both beyond words.

It was such a beautiful wedding. I am so happy for you guys and can’t wait to see you guys when school starts again. Congratulations. The pictures look amazing.

Such beautiful pictures!

Congratulations Graydon and Erin!!!

Oh my goodness! If I had not been at Graydon and Erin’s wedding, I would say these photos were major scripted out as an advertisement shoot. Well, they probably were, in a sense. Whether photoshopped or something else, these have to be the most exquisite wedding photos I have ever seen! Fabulous! You had a great couple to work with, too!!!

Congratulations guys! You look great and I’m so happy for the two of you!

Jessica Marshall

wooohoohooo!!!! beautiful couple, and beautiful photos. what a wonderful day!!!

Great pictures!

Kathryn Marshall

Absolutely stunning! Just the beginning of beautiful memories.

Gorgeous! I love them! These pics make the day look so magical-which it was! 😉

These pics are awesome! Seriously gorgeous! I wish you guys all the best!

Very beautiful pictures of a very beautiful wedding!

Rebecca Marshall

these pictures are sooo beautiful! so glad i was there to be able to witness it. 🙂

…all these pictures and i didn’t even make it into one?

These pictures capture the two of you beautifully! Best wishes for a beautiful future! (Note to the Photographer – great work! You captured the fun and the romance here as well as you did for Neil and Kelly!)

Wow these are outstanding shots! What a celebration that was!

Very artsy; these photos are spectacular. Once again, congratulations guys!

These are fantastic photos and have truly captured that special day for Erin and Graydon!

Simply stunning! I love how you have captured even the most common moments (like getting ready or just standing around) in a way that reveals them to be the epic moments that this day was truly made of

I love all these photos they are beautiful. I enjoyed being there to witness this and these pictures are amazing. Congrats again!!

oh wow… i cant believe all these pictures! the color is so vibrant and sharp! a few of my favorites are the girls praying, the cake smashing sequence , and the dance photos!

Wow!!! Amazing photos! I’m so happy for you guys! 🙂 Great smiles all around! And beautiful setting…

All of these pictures are gorgeous! What a precious day, captured amazingly. So happy for Erin and Graydon!

Erin looks SO BEAUTIFUL!!! I love the shot of her dress and flowers with Graydon out of focus in the background! 🙂

These photos are amazing! I love the use of focal length and color, like on the Bently ornament. I also love the moments captured, like the Bridal party praying and the Groom dressing and smiling. Great Job! I love Graydon and Erin!!!

These are incredible! Looks like it was SUCH a beautiful wedding 🙂

Donna Cook Misner

Graydon and Erin…what a beautiful day! You guys both look like you are glowing! You also both look like one of those couples that comes in a store bought frame! congratulations! Love to you both!

Congrats you two! the pictures are beautiful!

OH MY GOSH!!!!!! THESE ARE AMAZING!!!!!! Thank you so much for capturing our special day in such a beautiful way!!!! We are so excited with the way these turned out and we can’t wait to see the rest!!!

For those of us who celebrated this marriage from afar, these photos help us see what we missed!

These are so gorgeous, and they capture everything that was felt on their special day. You guys are amazing photographers. I know Erin and Graydon will be more than pleased.

So classic and timeless! The ring shot is BRILL-IANT. Great work you guys 🙂

These are so beautiful. I love the photo of Graydon twirling Erin on the dance floor as well as the progressive cake feeding, it really captures who they are.

Love these photos… can’t wait for the balance… yeah!