Gigi & Mark met over a friendly game of Tennis, and they are still tied at Love-Love! I know-I’m a cheesy, hopeless romantic. Thank goodness I’m a wedding photographer! πŸ™‚

Somehow we were lucky enough to find a wide open tennis court at Green Lake Park on a gorgeous February afternoon, and I’m so glad we did! Their engagement session simply would not have been complete without a friendly tennis match. We were graced withΒ  beautiful sunlight throughout their entire session, which is always a welcome presence up here in rainy Seattle. It was the perfect accent to the warmth and playfulness of Gigi and Mark’s relationship.

Gigi & Mark, it was wonderful to spend our afternoon with you, and we are so excited that we get to be a part of your wedding at the Woodmark this August!


We were smiling as we reviewed your site today. It is so nice to see such creative and inspirational work. Love the silhouette. Thank you for stirring us in this way today . . .

I really enjoyed the photographs of India and Lani. Your photos of Lani and Alexis have been outstanding in the past and these are also. I like the way she has been captured interacting with her family.

Fab photos, you two! Looking forward to celebrating your wedding and for many more years to come,



How on earth will you choose between these photos? They are lovely! Congratulations, Gigi & Mark!

Absolutely beautiful photos of you two! My favorite is 0040, it’s how I remember your smiles πŸ˜‰

It was hard to pick, but I have my top 3. 1-gas works, because you both look so happy in love. 2-tennis court 3-Over the bridge (Black and White)

Looking good mr. mark and miss gigi. Shouldn’t the tennis picture be Gigi whipping your butt across the court though? Jk, killer shots!

The pictures are amazing! I really like the picture of you walking & looking into each others eyes – my favorite. But I do like the tennis picture to because that’s where the story began.

Gorgeous photos and couple! I am so happy for you two!

Airika & Gerald, we are so glad you will photograph our Big Day. We loved our engagement pictures and more importantly felt comfortable being candid with you two. My favorite of the ones listed above would have to be the very last one. How did you take the people out? I am looking forward to more fun in August. Gigi

Beauitful pictures. I love them all but my favorite is tennis court shot.

I can’t decide if I like pic 3 – where you guys are walking and looking into each others eyes….or pic 5 where Mark is kissing your cheek and you are looking into the camera with a huge smile =)
The pictures are awesome!

Mark-loved them all, can’t choose if I had to. Your bond is really captured in all pics, truly endearing! =)

Aaww..what a cute couple! I like them all, but favs would probably be the second to last (093), and the first (040). Congrats to you both!

Both of you look so cute and happy together. Your pictures are wonderful and my favorite is 0018. I am excited and look forward to seeing you in August! πŸ˜‰

Mark & Gigi – you look so happily in love. Can’t wait to see you in Seattle. Mango, you still have that “cool” look in shot #7 (haw you doin’); but I much prefer the cuddly Mark in picture # 6. Wonder what Gigi thinks…

Among the cutest engagement photos I have seen. Can’t wait until the wedding!!!!!!!!!

All the pictures are lovely and beautiful. If I was living in Seattle, I would definitely ask for your permission to use the same photographer. Of course, these pictures wouldn’t be so lovely without your beautiful smiles. Your photographer did such a great job that I could feel the presence of your great love in those pictures. It is so difficult to pick because I like all of them. However, I definitely can see you guys grow old together as you looked into each other while you were walking in the park (number 3). This picture tells me that you are each other’s soulmate with tremendous love and respect for each other. I’m so happy for you two.

Love, love, love the pix. The 2nd one to the last is my favorite.
I love how the trees and Sea skyline frame you two. The look on your face is total adoration too, which I love.
You both look so happy.

i like the black and white picture of the bridge where you guys are looking at each other. so cute!

Great pictures Gigi and Mark!! You chose fabulous photgraphers and wedding venue too!!

great pictures! congrats

The last one is stunning but since we can’t see your beautiful faces, my favorite picture of the two of you is the black and white bridge one.

These are great pictures! good choice on the photographers… I like picture 018 of you two.. it looks so natural, lively, romantic, and fun. Look like a scene in a romantic movie hahaha …I think the picture of the bridge is amazing, it’s a piece of art.

Gigi & Mark – so excited for you both! I love all of the photos but my favorite is the one by the water with downtown in the background.

All the pictures were great but I love picture # 55 of Gigi and Mark. The picture just captured the pure bliss that is evident with the both of them.

All the pictures look wonderful!!! But my favorite one has to be the second picture.

I love the 2nd shot at the park, so fun…thanks for sharing! You look so happy!!

I love 0040 for it’s playful smiles! As for the one with where I can feel the love — definitely 0085. So happy for you both! Truly meant for each other. <3

All the pictures are great

I love all the pictures, but my favorite one is the one on the tennis court.

The photos of Mark and Gigi are really simple but romantic. I like the naturalness of the subjects too, especially the one of Mark looking sideways and Gigi hold his arm with the river behind them. I love that one of them!

Beautiful landscapes, lighting, and composition. Feel like taking a vacation

Yango — You are one lucky bastard. Adam

Absolutely love the last two shots!!!

nice pictures, beautiful bride,so so groom

Amazing photos guys. Didn’t know you guys were so photogenic:))

Beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple. You guys are so ready for your wedding pictures. =) I love the colors.

Love the picture on the bridge (25). You guys look really good. =)

epic closing shot guys πŸ™‚

Love the bridge photo πŸ™‚ Absolutely stunning!!

Wow… fantastic shots as usual, but the bridge shots are by far my favorites! I love the reflection in #4, and the last one? Well, um, that’s pretty out of this world! Really nice work! Maybe Josh and I should just get engaged all over again every few years to have you guys take more photos of us… =)