As many of you may know, we have been traveling in Italy this week. We’ve captured lots of photos and can’t wait to share them all here on the blog, but this one was so unexpected and dramatic that we wanted to share it right away. Yesterday, we spent the day hiking in the Cinque Terre along the western coast of Italy, and as we approached the southern-most town of Riomaggiore, we noticed a lot of smoke rising in the distance. When we reached the town, we realized that a pretty large forest fire was on the ridge above the town, and at least one home was already fully engulfed in flames. It was an incredible sight, and we couldn’t help but take a few photos while praying that the firefighters would be successful in fighting the fire. Since the easiest way to reach these regions is from the air, a plane and helicopter were taken turns dropping water on the hillside.  The pilots were so amazing–in 10 minutes, the would touch down on the Mediterranean, reload their tanks while barely slowing down, and return to the hillside to make the next drop, flying right through the smoke to do so.

Christiane Zweifler

Wow!! What dramatic pictures!! Love those!

Glad you were able to capture these heroes in motion even while praying for those on the ground. A wonderful tribute.

Not that I “like” the fire… but these are fantastic images!