If there’s one thing I learned about photography on this trip, it’s that shooting with a photojournalistic approach is not as easy as you might expect when you stick out like a sore thumb. Everywhere we went in India, we were warmly greeted by friendly faces who were eager to meet us, talk to us, or just get their photo taken. We couldn’t exactly be a “fly on the wall” when people kept coming up to us, but we wouldn’t trade any of these photos for the world. We met so many incredible people throughout our trip, and even though we didn’t always speak the same language, they never failed to show us the joy in they hearts.


Ah-mazing photos!!! The little girl in the dress just made me m.e.l.t!

Airika, just saw your picture on OSP and totally remembered you! So fun to have met you in person at Jasmine's platform!

I love these.

These are lovely! Especially the little girl in the green dress. Just lovely!