Every November, Airika and I go to North Carolina to visit my family, do a little fishing, shoot some guns, and help out with a few chores around my Granddad’s farm in Burlington. This year was no different, except that somewhere in between all of these activities on the farm, we squeezed in an engagement session for my youngest brother Dale and his new fiance Juli!  I really can’t express just how excited we are to add Juli to the family–she’s great! Dale, I know we may have given you a hard time over the years, but clearly your good taste and patience have paid off. 😉 We love you guys, and I can’t wait to stand up there with you on April 28th!


Down on the farm – love it!!

We are loving them, and yes, we are quite spoiled. Then again, we are the two babies of the family 🙂 Excited to see you guys soon, 75 days, I think 😉

Such a beautiful job! What talent! We are sooo happy for DAle…our OTHER SON! Love his choice! She is beautiful inside and OUT!