There is so much that I could say about Emily and Takao; Emily has a quiet, humble confidence about her, and she exudes class and elegance in a natural, laid-back Pacific Northwest kind of way. Takao is thoughtful and strong, quick to make decisions, yet always careful to pause and listen to Emily, affirming her through his words and his laughter. As I watched these two interact, it was quite clear that they are each other’s perfect compliment. They value each other’s differences and uniqueness, and where one is lacking, they step back and allow the other to be strong. It was a beautiful image of what a marriage should look like, and something that we hope and pray for in all of our couples.

Emily and Takao, you are beautiful inside and out, and we so excited about the photos that we captured during your session at Carkeek Park. We can’t wait to photograph your wedding in a few short months and we are so thankful to Jesse and Travis at True Colors for connecting us with you! ~ Airika

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Simply lovely! These pictures have captured the essence of love. I plan to see you soon!

Just. Absolutely. Stunning.

Beautiful people make beautiful pictures. These show the two of them as they are. I am so proud of my darling Emily and very happy for her and Takao. Takao is a wonderful man. It’s so much fun for me to see them together, in love and having fun with it.

These are terrific pictures. I cannot wait to be at the wedding in Seattle.

Love and hugs and kisses to you both,

–Grandma Dori

Love them all, especiaaly the sunglasses shot!

These are truly beautiful!