Several weeks ago, Elizabeth and Steven invited us out on a little trip to Bainbridge Island to take their engagement photos. It was a beautiful late-summer day, and the time literally flew by as we explored the shores and streets of Bainbridge–shooting photos, drinking mochas, and enjoying the sunshine as we went. In fact, we were having so much fun hanging out with them, that we actually left one of our camera bags in a coffee shop somewhere along the way! We didn’t even realize it until our ferry to Seattle was pulling away from the dock! Somehow, Airika convinced them to back up the boat to let her off,while I went on ahead with Elizabeth and Steven. Ok, ok, maybe they didn’t have to back up the boat, but they did have to radio the captain for permission to lower the ramp that had already been raised for departure. We are so glad that Elizabeth and Steven have a great sense of humor! 🙂

Elizabeth and Steven, thanks for a wonderful day–we cannot wait to photograph your Christmastime wedding!


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