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undefinedThe moment that Carolyn and Jeff told us they have a sail boat, we knew that we were going to get along just fine! Unfortunately, it wasn’t quite ready for the season when the time came for their engagement shoot, so instead of doing their session on the boat, we still decided to explore the docks and waterfront at Elliot Bay Marina. (We’ll save the sailing trip for another time *wink, wink*). We really had a great time with these two just hanging out, trading stories, and taking some photos to document the beginning of their new life together. We especially loved hearing all of their sailing stories–one of my (Gerald’s) favorites was about the time that Jeff flipped a small HobieCat (sailboat) right beside the 520 floating bridge, and dozens of frantic motorists started calling 911 because they thought he was going to die. Within minutes the Marine Patrol was circling his boat, which was already upright and sailing smoothly along. But our favorite story was by far the one about their proposal: they were sitting together under a beautiful romantic starry night, when suddenly a shooting star streaked across the sky–of course, Jeff was fully prepared for this magical moment, and he popped the question right then and there. Now that’s incredible timing. And, as if a shooting star when they got engaged wasn’t enough, a double rainbow also decided to show up at the end of their engagement session! It’s was so beautiful and can only mean one thing: that their love is a match made in heaven. 😉

Carolyn and Jeff, you are both kind, loving people, and it’s clear that you deeply care for each other. The way that you look at each other melts our hearts and we couldn’t be more excited that you’ve asked us to capture your wedding story.



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Creativity and love abound here. Well done. So how’d you find a day with no rain to manage this? Lucky you. Portends a great future together, says I.

Great images as always Gerald and Airika!!
Love the way you’ve captured the feeling and character of your beautiful city.
It’s easy to tell that Carolyn and Jeff are very comfortable being together.