Choosing whether to show an image in color or turn it black and white is an important part of the artistic process and can play a big role in the feeling that it will convey. Colors in and of themselves can carry feelings and emotions, and including them in an image can be a great way to compliment and enhance it. At the same time, colors can just as easily distract and contradict the underlying drama that may be taking place in an image.

With black and white images, however, there is no contradiction, no distraction, no emotional nudges. They draw you into the heart of the moment, allowing you experience and feel the true emotions as if you were actually there. I love this about black and white imagery, and am always on the lookout for moments that can gently, yet boldly speak for themselves.          ~ Gerald

Happy bride walking down the aisle in the rain bride with her father in the rain during ceremony bride and groom holding hands groomsmen laughing with drinksbride waiting for ceremony to beginbicyclists photobombing the wedding party bride facing window bride and groom toasting behind curtain bride dancing with hair flyingbride and groom kissing in alleygroom and groomsmen in alley boys playing yard games at wedding bride and groom in front of the Washington capitol building bride putting on lipstick in the car bride walking towards the canyon's edge bride leaving for the ceremony in a car bride and groom in front of UW library bride and groom kissing in post alley bride getting ready groomsmen in Flying V formation symmetrical distracted groomsmen pedestrians notice the bride in the window brides hands holding he wedding veil Bride and Groom first dance in a ballroom bride and groom toasting at night