Now that we have been home from our trip to India for over a month, life is getting back to normal. It’s a little sad, but whenever we go back and look at the photos we took, it brings smiles to our faces as we remember the places we went, the people we encountered, and the stories that we heard. These are a few of the photos we took in Thirandrum and Kanyakumari, on the southernmost tip of India.

I had a great time watching these boys playing on this old pier. They were completely carefree, and perhaps eager to show off a bit. It really reminded me of when I was younger. In the summer my brothers and I would visit my grandparents at their lake house and we would get together with all the other kids in the neighborhood to jump off the roof of the boat houses into the lake. We thought that we were so cool.

Kanyakumari is well known for their beautiful sunrises and sunsets because of their unique position at the convergence of the Pacific, Indian, and Arabic oceans. As you looked out across the water, it literally felt as if you had reached the end of the world.


Wonderful images! Thank you for sharing, it makes me want to go there (as if I didn’t already!)

Why aren’t you two working for National Geographic yet? These are all stunning, but I particularly love the cathedral ones (especially the one from across the water), and the last few with the water and boats. Simply breathtaking.

The images are beautiful. The last one belongs in my bedroom as a fitting “close of day.” Love your new brand!!

Amazing images, you guys! Love the variety showing every day life, the little details and the gorgeous scenery. BTW, so great hanging out with you two in Vegas!! Let’s definitely keep in touch!!

Im really loving the colors in these. The photos of the green door and the boats are amazing! definitely my favs. Those dusk ocean shots are pretty awesome as well. Where was that taken?

The photo of the boys jumping is absolutely brilliant. LOVED what you captured 🙂

I LOVE the “Boys Swimming in Travindrum”! Perfect capture if you ask me. Wonderful post as usual. You guys would make great travel photographers. The new ‘The Popes’ mark looks awesome BTW!

gorgeous, the whole set 🙂 i hope to make it over there within the next year or two.