,After spending a few hours with Amy and Alok, we quickly got the feeling that they loved big city life. Before they met in Seattle two years ago, they had both spent time (separately) living in New York and LA until match.com brought them together in Seattle. As fate would have it, they moved back to Manhattan (together) a few weeks ago, but before they did, they spent their last day in Seattle with us for their engagement session!

It was one of those perfect Seattle days–the kind of day that lifts your spirits and reminds you of why you wanted to live in Seattle in the first place. I’d like to think it was Seattle’s way of saying goodbye to Amy & Alok and wishing them happiness until they return for their wedding this July. Amy & Alok, we had a wonderful time working with you and we hope that these photos will remind you of your time in Seattle. 🙂


Great Job! I like the diversity of the images: great color, very engaging, nice balance of beauty and art.

Oh my – they are too cute!! I love that last sunset shot! What a beautiful way to say goodbye to Seattle!!
Good job, you two – as always!!