To say that Gerald and I are romantics at heart would be an understatement. We first met in the 8th grade, and when Airika’s family moved away a few years later we kept in touch the old fashioned way–by writing letters. It’s from those early letters that our own love story began.

We treat our work in much the same way as those letters: each wedding collection is carefully and lovingly crafted with intentionality, with passion and with heart.

Today, after 14 wonderful years of marriage, we understand the indescribable gift that it is. Marriage is about so much more than the love you share — it is about the joining of your hearts, your families, your friends, and ultimately, your life’s purpose as a couple.

As your wedding photographers, there is no greater honor than being invited into your story, working in tandem to create compelling and captivating images that artfully preserve the first moments of your life and legacy together.