Over the past decade of photographing weddings, we’ve heard all kinds of love stories from our clients – everything from high school sweethearts, to chance encounters, blind dates, and of course, online dating.  We love hearing them, and they never get old (I guess that’s why we’re still wedding photographers!), but it’s always fun when we come across something new….

Natalie and David met over quidditch, as in riding broomsticks, throwing balls through hoops, and catching the snitch, quidditch. At first I just thought they simply liked that part of the Harry Potter movies, but no, they played intercollegiate quidditch together. Apparently it’s a real sport now, and it sounds pretty fun, albeit a little dangerous? It’s definitely the perfect story for these two techie muggles from the San Francisco Bay area. 😉

I was originally supposed to photograph Natalie & David’s session on the day our second son, Benji ,was born. Thankfully, they were understanding given the circumstances, AND when they flew back up to Seattle the next time, we lucked out with an even nicer day than the one we would have had in December! I had a great time wandering around Marymoor Park in Redmond with these two, and am so excited to share their engagement photos with you. I hope you love them, Natalie & David – we can’t wait for your wedding next year! ~ Gerald




The gray/silver tree photos are exquisite – stark beauty!. They are a fortunate couple to have such photos to treasure!!