Briana & Paul's Wedding: Semiahmoo Resort

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One of the things I love about my job is experiencing so many different weddings in so many amazing places. Semiahmoo Resort is easily one of my most favorite Northwest destination wedding spots, not only because of how gorgeous it is, but also because of the laid-back, easy-going couples that are drawn to getting married here. Even though the day got off to a “rocky” start with the US World Cup loss to Algeria, the nothing could put a damper on the excitement and joy of Briana & Paul’s special day. It was so fun to capture them as they casually moved through their day at their own pace, allowing us to capture them and their love at every single moment. We’re really excited about their photos and hope you enjoy this little preview!

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Photography: The Popes | Venue & Catering: Semiahmoo Resort | Cake: Let Them Eat Cake | Florist & Decor: DIY & Family Friend | Wedding Gown: Alicia’s Bridal Shoppe | Hair: Bocz Salon

Susie : 22:20 July 8, 2010 Reply
Amazing photos from a very special day! Wow!
Sue : 10:34 July 9, 2010 Reply
The pictures tell the story of a gorgeous bride on a special day. Beautiful. Thanks!
Baily : 08:26 July 16, 2010 Reply
What beautiful pictures, you guys are gorgeous!
Brendan : 08:26 July 16, 2010 Reply
These are fantastic, can't wait to see the whole bunch.
Anne : 08:26 July 16, 2010 Reply
You guys look dynamite! :)
Jamie Regis : 13:06 July 16, 2010 Reply
Briana and Paul you two make such a wonderful couple! I love that Gerald and Arika were able to capture that so well! Congratulations! Can't wait to see the rest of the photos!
Jeanne : 13:38 July 16, 2010 Reply
Love the pictures! Beautiful couple, the pictures really capture the perfect day!
Sara : 15:07 July 16, 2010 Reply
I agree with Anne Dy-no-mite!!
Briana Green : 16:28 July 16, 2010 Reply
I love, love, love, love the pictures, almost as much as I love my Paul!
Yuriy Manchik : 13:47 July 17, 2010 Reply
Wow, awesome job guys, I love looking through your images, they are so clean and crisp. That last image is money. The Popes are killing it.
Paul : 22:41 July 17, 2010 Reply
We both love all these pics so far and can't wait for all the rest!!!
Taylor : 18:25 July 18, 2010 Reply
Such a fun wedding, we were honored to celebrate with you both! These pictures definitely captured this special day.
Hannah : 08:38 July 19, 2010 Reply
These colors are AMAZING.
Nicole : 10:40 July 22, 2010 Reply
Absolutely beautiful pictures
Rebecca Hollenbeck : 11:13 July 22, 2010 Reply
What a BEAUTIFUL Bride! "The fruit didn't fall far from the tree", Congratulations!
Pam Smyth : 16:40 July 22, 2010 Reply
The pics are beautiful. Very natural (not staged). I will definitely recommend your company for a photo shoot. Thanks for sharing.
Adi : 20:36 July 22, 2010 Reply
I can't wait to see more
Jim : 11:03 July 23, 2010 Reply
Absolutely beautiful pictures. Can't wait to see the rest.
Stan Giant : 15:11 July 23, 2010 Reply
Very impressed with the photography. It helps though to have great subjects. Great memories for a special day.
Julie Cleary : 09:01 July 24, 2010 Reply
Love all the photos so far. Very creative angles.
Sue Hansen : 10:38 July 24, 2010 Reply
WOW! These pictures could be in a magazine they are soooo beautiful. Briana is absolutely beautiful and amazing (so is Paul). I can't wait to see more pictures! Sue H.
The Slater Family : 12:08 July 24, 2010 Reply
Beautiful pictures, great time, the night went by too fast. Best wedding and reception yet.
Michael : 12:12 July 24, 2010 Reply
Great pics. What a fun evening!
Terry : 12:15 July 24, 2010 Reply
Briana looks absolutely beautiful. What wonderful pictures...magazine material.
Pat : 08:56 July 25, 2010 Reply
What great photos, you guys are gorgeous!
Elizabeth : 08:57 July 25, 2010 Reply
Soooo excited to see the rest of them!
Nick : 08:57 July 25, 2010 Reply
So glad to be able to be a part of it, best of luck to you two!
Kristy : 08:58 July 25, 2010 Reply
So amazing to see you both so grown up!
Shaughn : 17:26 July 25, 2010 Reply
What a beautiful wedding and a truly beautiful bride. Wishing both of you much love, peace and happiness.
mary kay morley : 09:36 July 26, 2010 Reply
Beautiful pictures. Beautiful setting. Beautiful Bride!! Congratulations1
Kaylan O'Connor : 10:51 July 26, 2010 Reply
Congrats! pretty pictures!! :) <3
Chuck : 22:25 July 26, 2010 Reply
So happy for you two, what a pleasure it was to be there
Lori : 14:47 July 27, 2010 Reply
Sue, what a beautiful wedding...and a very beautiful bride...
Barbara Jones : 16:04 July 29, 2010 Reply
Beautiful bride and groom - spectacular pics.
Shari Derks : 21:03 July 29, 2010 Reply
Wow!!! What awesome and beautiful pictures. I liked the uniqueness of them. It also helps to have such a handsome couple as Briana and Paul. It was also fun sharing a table with the photographers!
Alcena & John : 08:56 July 30, 2010 Reply
What a beautiful wedding! The joy from you both shines out of each image. If there were a magazine entitled Glamour Wedding, these photos would be on the cover. Wishing you both a lifetime of happiness. Alcena & John
Melanie Green : 22:08 July 31, 2010 Reply
The pictures are beautiful!
Charlie Fix : 22:12 July 31, 2010 Reply
What a fun evening and such wonderful pictures!
Catie : 22:14 July 31, 2010 Reply
The candid ones would be my personal favorite; everybody seems so naturally happy ! Its quite refreshing , kudos to the photographers ;)
Carter : 22:30 July 31, 2010 Reply
Great photos. A job well done.
Barbara : 13:55 August 1, 2010 Reply
Beautiful bride - incredible pics. Congrats!
Barb Bauer : 13:22 August 2, 2010 Reply
What gorgeous pictures of a gorgeous couple and wonderful wedding. We had a fabulous time and wouldn't have missed it for the world. Such great families and friends together for a fun night. Hope you two had a fantastic time in Paris.
Jennifer Jaeger : 14:04 August 2, 2010 Reply
Beautiful couple at a beautiful location--WONDERFUL pictures! Best of luck to you guys on your adventures.
John : 11:06 August 4, 2010 Reply
Great photos from a perfect day. Congratulation.
Jena Green : 19:03 August 4, 2010 Reply
The two of you look so amazing on your wedding day. The pictures turned out beautiful. The wedding was a blast for everyone. Congrats!
Jo Petterson : 23:14 August 4, 2010 Reply
The wedding was stunning and the photos are as well. A beautiful setting, sunshine, with the blue of the water to match an amazing sky. A crowd full of smiles & tears,expressing total happiness for the bride & groom. When all is said and done, and the glamour of your special day is over, all that is left, are the memories in your heart, and...the photos. Every detail was captured, from the warmth of candlelight, dancing & laughter,to the twinkle in a brides eyes. My compliments to the Popes, you are an amazing team. My daughter is only 11, I hope you're still behind the cameras when her special day arrives. Best wishes to Briana & Paul, you have some magnificent memories in your photos. Cherish them always....
Mick : 12:21 August 5, 2010 Reply
Rochelle Kraft : 20:05 August 5, 2010 Reply
I love it! It was such a memorable evening that I am glad I got to be a part of. The preview pics are fantastic, can't wait for the rest.
Wes Barker : 20:06 August 5, 2010 Reply
Best wedding ever. Great pictures and what a beautiful bride.
Grandma and Grandpa : 23:32 August 14, 2010 Reply
Gorgeous pictures. Beautiful people. A perfect wedding and may God bless both of you with a lifetime of love and happiness. Love, Grandma and Grandpa.

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