Houseboating in the Kerala Backwaters


Airika and I still have a lot of images to go through from our trip to India back in February (4 weeks in a beautiful country is a photographer’s playground!), so we thought we’d take a moment to share a few more from our time in the backwaters of Kerala. If you are ever traveling to India, this is a destination that cannot be missed. Our trip was beautiful, serene, relaxing, inspiring, energizing and any of positive adjective having to do with beauty and rest. 🙂 Our best photos were captured early in the morning and late in the evening, along with the rising and setting of the sun.

Here’s our private little houseboat!

daniel usenko : 19:36 May 12, 2010 Reply
totally awesome. You guys are lucky
Hannah : 06:28 May 13, 2010 Reply
Why do you guys have to be so ridiculously good? Every time you post photos from your trip I think that that post is my favorite set. Then you do a new one and I love that one. But this one? Definitely might be my favorite. Except, they're all my favorites. And I want them in my house. Agh. Stop being so awesome.
Yuriy Manchik : 17:53 May 13, 2010 Reply
Wow, these are amazing. I love the colors.
Kevin Wrenn Photography : 23:31 May 13, 2010 Reply
Opening shot is stunning! Great stuff as usual guys!
Josh : 07:02 May 19, 2010 Reply
These are fantastic. I want to put them up in my house. Will you guys be selling them?
Chris Stewart : 16:54 May 20, 2010 Reply
Ok whoa that first image is stunning!!! This looked like a great trip for sure.

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