Neil and Kelly: The Wedding

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Meet Neil and Kelly. He’s British, she’s American. He’s a planner, she’s spontaneous. He’s simple, she’s complex. And they are madly in love.

I don’t think we have EVER seen a couple that was so giddy with excitement on their wedding day! Neil & Kelly could hardly contain themselves and we couldn’t help but smile all day long as we watched these two bubbling over with joy. We started  the day at Westminster Chapel, where Kelly got ready while Gerald and the guys traveled to the Kirkland waterfront for photos. Then the girls hopped into the limo and joined the guys at the very windy water’s edge for Neil & Kelly’s first look. We had a great time capturing the wedding party at Carillon Point before heading back to Westminster for the ceremony & reception.

Neil & Kelly–it was so much fun to share in your day. Thank you for making it so easy to love our job! đŸ™‚

Hannah : 19:27 April 30, 2010 Reply
Oh my goodness, I LOVE the ring shot! It literally made me laugh out loud -- you two are just too creative. Of course, that was after I loved all the shots before it, too... what a beautiful Seattle day! The colors are great and they look like they were having a ball. You two know how it's done. =)
Neil Brench : 21:28 April 30, 2010 Reply
These look great! You guys are amazing - you can even make me look - okay :-)
Kelly : 09:40 May 1, 2010 Reply
What a fun day! Thanks for capturing the memories!!!
Laura : 14:07 May 1, 2010 Reply
Congrats Neil and Kelly! These pictures are amazing. I love the rings one too, and the ducks :-)
George : 18:24 May 1, 2010 Reply
You two look wonderful and so happy at the pictures. It's nice to see how great you look together. We're so happy for both of you.
Bethany : 18:37 May 1, 2010 Reply
What beautiful pictures of a beautiful day. These are so fun and I love all the black and whites. The pictures truly capture how happy you were to marry each other. Congratulations again.
Joyce : 23:35 May 1, 2010 Reply
Laughter and smiles ruled the day and you captured them beautifully!
Claire : 09:45 May 2, 2010 Reply
Great photos you guys - congratulations!
Helan : 15:55 May 2, 2010 Reply
The pictures turned out beautifully! Congrats Mr and Mrs Brench:)
Kay Brench : 18:28 May 2, 2010 Reply
The love, the laughter and the location have certainly been captured so wonderfully in these photos. Thanks to The Popes for making Neil and Kelly's day so special and for creatively capturing their memories to treasure for a lifetime.
Tanya : 19:19 May 2, 2010 Reply
These pictures are fantastic! They really capture the beauty of their special day! Can't wait to see the rest of the photos!
Kristine : 20:04 May 2, 2010 Reply
So fun! The photos look incredible!
Deborah Gholson : 10:55 May 3, 2010 Reply
What a beautiful wedding!! I am so happy for Kelly and Neal!!
Michelle : 15:45 May 3, 2010 Reply
These photos are absolutely spectacular! Kelly and Neil, you radiate joy and happiness and I wish for you continued joy and happiness for decades to come. Congratulations!
Cathy Pelzel : 20:59 May 3, 2010 Reply
I'm so pleased to see these first pictures of what was obviously a wonderful day filled with love, laughter and joy. Congratulations Neil & Kelly. You are a beautiful--yes, Neil, I said beautiful--couple in every way. You are blessed. Your friend,Cathy.
Mom/Roberta : 10:15 May 4, 2010 Reply
You look at these pictures and see such happiness and love - a VERY special day!! Neil and Kelly - we're so happy for you! Anxious to see the rest of the photos - Popes you did a great job!
Janice Lee : 15:01 May 4, 2010 Reply
Dear Neil & Kelly, I love the photos - so natural and so happy - fantastic. Looks like you had a wonderful day. Love from Janice (also British and a planner!) xxx
Paula Haakenson : 19:59 May 4, 2010 Reply
Beautiful pictures of a beautiful wedding!
Andrea : 10:22 May 5, 2010 Reply
Beautiful photos! You both look so happy! Congrats!
Christina Cooper : 10:26 May 5, 2010 Reply
Neil & Kelly, Your photos are gorgeous! You two look so happy together- that's wonderful! Hooray!
Mimi Chau : 13:08 May 5, 2010 Reply
OMG! Kelly you look so beautiful in your wedding dress! The pictures are amazing! Thank you for sharing them with me. :)
Kara : 00:39 May 6, 2010 Reply
Love the carillon point shots and the ring boxes!
Lennelle Spillman : 11:02 May 7, 2010 Reply
Your photos of Neil and Kelly's wedding are beyond amazing and incredibly fabulous. You captured their joy. Kelly is radiant, and the photos capture that radiance. Wow! Thank you.
Lennelle Spillman : 11:05 May 7, 2010 Reply
Wow! The photographs do an amazing job of capturing Neil and Kelly's joy. Thank you.
Marsha Rastatter : 13:30 May 7, 2010 Reply
Fabulous photos. They look like they're in a magazine. You both look georgeous and so happy. I'm sooooo happy for you.
Andy : 14:02 May 7, 2010 Reply
Julia : 09:36 May 10, 2010 Reply
Congrats!! These pictures are beautiful. Looks like a great day!!
nancy reutiman : 14:34 May 10, 2010 Reply
what fun pictures.....
Amy : 18:44 May 10, 2010 Reply
Beautiful pictures to capture a beautiful day. Thank you for sharing your special day with us. Your love is the one they write stories about.
Dick R : 06:06 May 11, 2010 Reply
These photos really highlight your special day. They are so unbelievably beautiful and shows your special love that you will share forever.
Anita Reutiman : 06:26 May 11, 2010 Reply
Congratulations Neil and Kelly!!! Love the pictures :).
thepopes : 11:36 May 11, 2010 Reply
Kelly & Neil, as Amy said, your love truly is one that they write stories about. You simply radiated with joy on your wedding day, and Gerald & I are still talking about how genuine & sincere your love for each other is and how awesomely it was revealed at your wedding and in your photos. (By the way, the rest are almost ready!)
Gail Harsh : 11:40 May 12, 2010 Reply
Kelly's dress is beautiful! Kelly and Neil look so happy, and the photos capture their enthusiasm beautifully!!!! Congratulations! Gail
Mickey McMaster : 12:52 May 12, 2010 Reply
Wow! What a fun day! Wished I had danced more than I did.
Dad/Mickey : 13:07 May 12, 2010 Reply
Wow! What a fun day that was. Glad I didn't step on the brides feet (or dress) while we danced.
Bob : 16:40 May 12, 2010 Reply
Absolutely beautiful! You both radiate love and happiness.
gharsh : 10:36 May 13, 2010 Reply
Kelly's dress is beautiful and you both look so happy! Congratulations!!! - Geraldine
tom : 10:42 May 13, 2010 Reply
Congratulations Kelly & Neil! Great photo of the duck mid-flight!
Amie : 15:28 May 14, 2010 Reply
The photos are amazing! I'm so happy for both of you! What a fun day!
family friend : 19:08 May 16, 2010 Reply
Love the black bridesmaids' dresses - showed off Kelly's beautiful white dress in the group photos!
Tim Burton : 11:05 October 3, 2013 Reply
You both look fantastic & very happy. Wishing you both all the best from sunny ol' Rushden

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