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On our last day in Thirandrum, one of our new friends asked us if we wanted to go to a wedding he and his wife had been invited to. Obviously, we jumped at the opportunity! Upon arrival, we were immediately ushered in to the back room to meet the bride before the ceremony, quickly followed by an entourage of at least 6 photographers, videographers, and assistants. Then, they gave us seats on stage during the ceremony (there were probably close to 1000 guests). It was an odd experience, because we felt as though we were treated as the guests of honor, even though we hadn’t even been invited. After including us in the family photos, they treated us to a traditional Kerala wedding feast, served on a banana leaf. The whole experience was absolutely amazing!

Jennifer | Zinchuk Studios : 14:56 April 12, 2010 Reply
Wow! What an unusual/amazing/beautiful experience! Thanks for sharing :)
Jenny J : 14:59 April 12, 2010 Reply
incredible story. those are some family photos i'd buy prints of! :)
Tonhya Kae : 15:06 April 12, 2010 Reply
What a beautiful, blessed experience! Glad you documented it :)
Hannah : 07:23 April 13, 2010 Reply
Only you guys could manage to pull something off like this... without even trying! These are amazing photos, and I can only imagine what the experience must have been like for you guys. Are you sure you're not going to shoot for National Geographic anytime soon? =)
Amish : 09:06 May 7, 2010 Reply
What a great experience it must of been to shoot a wedding in India, but also be there to experience the wedding itself.
Naufalthotunghal Naufal : 10:00 December 3, 2012 Reply
that's wonder full work.

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