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Many of you may know that we have been contemplating a name change/re-brand since we started our business as Gerald Pope Photography over four years ago. We really felt that the name needed to be updated to reflect the fact that Airika and I are a team. We always work together, we play off of each others strengths, and we would have never gotten to where we are today without each other. Our relationship is an important part of who we are and how we run our business, and this is fully reflected in our new name–The Popes!

Our logo/identity/brand is all thanks to the guys at Reddoor Creative. It was such a pleasure working through the whole process with them–they are amazing, and we can’t imagine where we’d be right now without them! Another huge thanks goes out to our letterpress printer extraordinaire, Zida. The technology she used to create our new business cards is over 500 years old,  and each one is truly a piece of art!

If you’re looking for photos we posted on our old blog, you can still access it here: www.geraldpope.blogspot.com. Also, don’t forget to let us know what you think of our new look!

Tonhya Kae : 18:48 March 14, 2010 Reply
Yay!!! It's here and it looks OOH SOOO GOOD! :) I am so happy to see it all put together, and those business cards are just yummy! That shape is just lovely. Great job you two, so happy for ya!
Jen Stewart : 18:51 March 14, 2010 Reply
GORGEOUS!!! Love the new branding. And the cards.... oh how I LOVE letterpress cards!!!! Chris and I have been contemplating the very same name/branding change for many years. Would love to pick your brain on how the process has been, and how smooth the transition is for you guys! P.S. It was fabulous FINALLY meeting you in person in Vegas last week!!!!
Vicki Gillette : 19:18 March 14, 2010 Reply
You two are truly amazing in every way! I love your new name, logo, totally!! God has truly blessed your talents and I thank you for sharing them with us. Every time I show Kara and Glenn's album, people are SO impressed. Proud of you!!
Kara Hicks : 20:06 March 14, 2010 Reply
LOVE it, you guys!!! I have been SO excited to see the "reveal" of your new look! You two are such an amazing team that are speaking so positively into so many couples and peoples lives. Your blog was the very first I ever followed, and I can't wait to continue to follow your amazing work and journey you two are on together! Praying many blessings on your 2010!!! Hugs! The Hicks Family! :)
Sally : 20:18 March 14, 2010 Reply
I love it all!! The name, the blog, the cards (I've been dying to get letterpress cards!:) Great work, guys!!
Jenny : 21:22 March 14, 2010 Reply
Beautiful cards & branding...so excited for you guys!
Jenny GG : 02:47 March 15, 2010 Reply
such a beautiful new look and always such beautiful work
Kristine Neeley : 05:39 March 15, 2010 Reply
shawnreeder : 09:50 March 15, 2010 Reply
I love it!!!! Love the new blog, love the new branding, and love you two!! Congrats!!!
Kip : 09:53 March 15, 2010 Reply
Looks awesome guys. Congrats. :D
my. : 09:58 March 15, 2010 Reply
When I first met you guys, you've already been talking about this. So glad to see its launch. It's great! And I love the look of the blog -- very clean and classic. Great job, Airika & Gerald!
Rebecca Ellison : 10:06 March 15, 2010 Reply
Amazing you guys! I love the name and the feel, it feels very authentic. I bet you are stoked to be launching it!
jamie delaine : 10:34 March 15, 2010 Reply
I love it! So great. These cards are wonderful.
Chris & Sarah Rhoads : 10:37 March 15, 2010 Reply
So proud of you guys! Great work, this is a brand that truly reflects who you are!
Jen MacNiven : 10:57 March 15, 2010 Reply
YEAH! I'm so excited for the new brand, new look and the inclusion of Airka to the mix (although, WE know you've been there all along) ;). Can't wait to see what all is in store for you this year...and congrats on your awards for your photos at WPPI!
Emma : 11:14 March 15, 2010 Reply
That is gorgeous. Really.. I think its perfect and fits you both! Kind of partial to square myself :) Congrats on the new branding!
Rebekah : 11:38 March 15, 2010 Reply
Love the new look! :) Congrats you guys, well done.
ohana photogrphers : 15:47 March 15, 2010 Reply
love the new blog and branding!!!
Marissa Rodriguez : 15:51 March 15, 2010 Reply
So awesome! Congratulations!
Kelly : 19:15 March 15, 2010 Reply
I am doing a little happy dance for the two of you and your reveal. Love it!! The blog is fabulous and I such a better representation of the both of you. Huge congrats and I am thrilled for final result.
Lisa Meaney : 19:56 March 15, 2010 Reply
Wow, you guys, this looks AMAZING!!! Worth the wait! Missing you...Lisa
Danielle : 20:23 March 15, 2010 Reply
love the new business cards and how the logo fills the square. :) d
Kristi : 09:27 March 16, 2010 Reply
Your new brand is so Beautiful!! Congratulations on all the amazing work you two have been doing lately. Such an inspiration...
Hannah : 16:52 March 16, 2010 Reply
It looks really fabulous, you guys! It definitely reflects who you are, and it'll be nice not to have to explain to everyone that "Gerald Pope Photography" is really "Gerald AND Airika Pope Photography"! :)
RACHEL RAUSCH JOHNSON : 19:43 March 16, 2010 Reply
Love the new brand! Congratulations :-)
Bernadette : 20:41 March 16, 2010 Reply
I love letterpress...almost as much as I love the mad photo skills you BOTH bring to the table. I think the rebrand is awesome and can't wait till our whateverth anniversary (or first child or something else major) when we get to work with the two of you all over again. Ahhh...letterpress.
Kara Davies : 22:01 March 16, 2010 Reply
Love the new look!
Paige : 14:53 March 17, 2010 Reply
LOVE the Cal Anderson Park shot!
Rylee : 16:54 March 17, 2010 Reply
Wow! I love the new branding! It is on the money for your style and personality. Congratulations on a job well done - I know the effort, time and energy that went into this, and I think it was totally worth it.
Hector Yango : 22:54 March 17, 2010 Reply
These are fantastic pictures and scenes...an appropriate setting for two people very much in love.
Dan Jahns : 08:43 March 18, 2010 Reply
Great photos guys! I especially like the tennis ones. 40-LOVE! :)
Sophia Mar : 09:25 March 18, 2010 Reply
so cute guys! can't wait to see the wedding pictures next. :)
vivian ng : 10:04 March 19, 2010 Reply
Gigi & Mark: Congratulations! Loved those pictures! And the tennis court as a background is just perfect.
Adam Stevens : 15:41 March 23, 2010 Reply
Love it! My wife is 2nd shooting with me next month for the first time. She's been my best friend for 15 years and I am excited to see where this might take us. She has a different eye, and I am looking forward to seeing what that brings for us! Congratulations on your re-branding. It's something I hope we have to tackle in the next year or so!
Casey Warren : 01:12 March 27, 2010 Reply
DUuude, the new colors are RAD!!!! really really like your blog tones as well. The light background color makes the images and the colors POP!!! You guys ROCK!!!
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